How people in the social sector organization are changing their lives for better (Updated)

Ranjesh works on the dignity of rag pickers as they are looked down by the society.

To provide health related equipments in the form of gloves, aprons, thorn, mask to 100 rag pickers of the slums.

Along with that to work on the garbage management process and to widen their thought process.

100 people have got their identity cards namely Aadhar Card.

Yuve Dastak Group did advocacy with corporator and tried to include the slum with Nagar Nigam in order to avail different available Government facilities and also make efforts to include other slums.

To link 60 students with the primary government schools

To link 100 people with all the available government facilities both in the state as well as central level. Like opening of Bank accounts under Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojna.



Progress so far

30 rag pickers have got health related equipments so far.

40 rag pickers have got Aadhar cards uptill now

Through the efforts, the rag picker group got into networking mode with a government agency which is paying 30 rag pickers 9,000/- for 18 months after doing advocacy with LDA

Installed 2 seater toilet facility with the help of Vigyan Foundation in the slum and 500 litre tank installed  in the society to furnish water for the slum people.

Yuve Dastak Group has included the slum in Nagar Nigam

30 students of Gyan Kendra  (out of 50 students) are admitted to Government school  and they can compete with other students, since they are capable themselves.

The member of Yuva Dastak Samooh namely Hashim, who has come from Assam an year before, didn’t know anything apart from rag picking as well as his regional language. However, now he is well versed with computer, knows how to read ,write  and speak in English  as well.





  • Ranjesh is a highly motivated individual who has 4 years of experience while working as a rag picker. He has great command in the issues and has great liasonining in the concerned government departments as well as communities which is a noteworthy fact.
  • Ranjesh is undoubtedly a hardworking youth but his exposure and communication is limited. Hence, this extra-grant support will somewhere help his work immensely.
  • Ranjesh is a highly hardworking person and he is quite sharp when it comes to linking and establishing network with government department.
  • Ranjesh through his organization, “Lakshya – EK Behtar Samaaj” is making the voice of rag pickers held by attaching them with his organization

4 ways to start your emergency fund


If you are looking for an awesome way of living a life with dignity and respect, then hold tight.

Yes, the following post will throw open various ways and avenues of how you can actually create a wonderful option for yourself.

Do you know what is the most uncertain thing in today’s scenario? Well, “Life” itself. Although,  it is a bitter truth, yet it is the reality of life. You never know what the time has in store for you next. We have been grown up with the shocking news of so many millionaires whose business fallout jeopardized their financial life. We would have even seen some of these cases happening with our own near and dear ones.

Therefore, no body can be certain about his/her own financial life. So what, if there is a natural catastrophe like flood, storm or earth quake and your business crumbled like pack of cards  or even man made actions damaged your business? Similarly, you never know when you ended up with a deadly accident and there is a financial instability in your ever growing company which shockingly resulted in death knell of your company with your demise.

My own idea of writing the post is not to scare you but to give a sense of warning so that you bravely face some of the bitterest realities of life in a fool proof manner.

You should be smart enough in gearing up for those emergency situations. There can’t be a better way to prepare for such sort of situations than by creating an emergency fund.

Hence, now I am going to tell you 4 ways to start your emergency fund

Emergency fund can only be created if you are smart enough in taking out a space for saving from the (already) tight monthly budget

Don’t compromise over you “saving” process

We are living a life of hallucination since we feel that it will be next to possible for us to save money with the limited budget which we already have. However, if you are really serious, then you will at least take a look at the broad picture. After all, we can’t start with saving, unless and until we are really serious. Take little steps at a time and all will be fine for sure as it is one of the important ways to start your emergency fund.

Write down on your diary (which you normally use, or pin it down on the cupboard) etc that you have to take out “x’ amount of money on monthly basis as a part of savings. One of the easiest ways to save is to limit your weekend party to once in a fortnight, or even better if you do it one in a month as it will help you save.

Ask yourself

The best answer you will get in your quest of saving money is by asking yourself

  • What will I do, if I happen to loose my job?
  • How will my spouse cope up with the sudden illness or how will the future of my children shape without money?

It is these real-life and most important questions which will naturally instill a sense of fear in yourself and you will be able to give a serious look. Since, it is said that self-introspection do wonders and as you feel challenged to get answers from within, you will eventually be forced to start saving for your emergency fund as well.

You can make arrangements of watching movies right in your home or your friend’s home, rather than going for watching movie outside. This will save a lot as a part of individual tickets. Isn’t it? It is important to make conscious decisions and by doing so, you don’t have to fight with yourself in the process as well.

Regularly revise your goals on weekly basis

Another way to start your emergency fund is to start saving by setting small target. So, in the beginning try setting a goal for yourself of saving on weekly basis. Since, the target is small, you will better be able to work on them. It has its psychological effect.

If you are in debt, then the most obvious and prominent excuse which you will give in not having an emergency fund is that you are already paying the money of debt. However, even here you have to make suitable arrangements. In the event when you come across with a financial emergency, then in the absence of cash you will be forced to take loan with high interest which might even lead you to bankruptcy. Therefore, make plans to have an emergency fund which should comprise of at least three months of your salary and you should take steps for setting up the same on priority bases as well. In the process, you should equally make arrangements for paying off your debt too.


The reason why these ways can be termed as “easily attainable” because you can immediately adopt them (in order to take out savings) from your monthly limited budget. Therefore, show the true spirit of being successful by gearing up for such emergency situations and let your near and near ones live a life of ease and comfort. After all, you don’t want them to suffer because of your carelessness. So, ensure a life of prosperity, ease and jubilation by following the above 4 ways to start your emergency fund.

Hopefully, the post will assist you to be more cautious and carefully and take life with a charming prospective and zeal.

List of things to take care of your insurance policy (Updated)

Insurance plays an important role in our lives in terms of giving full fledged peace and satisfaction that we have geared up for any assort of eventuality. You know that by taking home, auto or life insurance you are financially covered and it is this feeling which lets you enjoy to the fullest as well. Isn’t it?

Insurance Awareness Day lets you emphasize the same in a more meaningful and assertive way. June 28th is the day which is celebrated world over in order to create a sense of importance and utility amongst people. After all, we are living in an uncertain life where we never know what will happen next.  Therefore, as the day is approaching, you should really care for yourself and family since the “times” are not the same always.

June 28th especially signifies the heightened importance of possessing one of the important things with which can surely ease yourself financially. Therefore, in the event of any untoward incident, you know that you are fully prepared as it matters a lot too.

There are various misconceptions amongst the people regarding insurance where they associate taking insurance to be a herculean task. However, lack of knowledge sow the seeds for various complications and they end up getting completely different insurance which does not match with their needs and thus they are duped in the process.

In order to streamline the whole process and remove misconception amongst the people, Insurance Awareness Day is celebrated where people are armed with the detailed and right sense of information prior to choosing their insurance package.

Insurance Advisors play an important role towards easing their customers in choosing the most desired and appropriate policy for their customers. There are various things which might not be told by insurance advisors; therefore, you equally need to enquire yourself and do not leave all the things purely on them. For example, prior to taking auto insurance, there are various aspects such as your age, your neighborhood along with your driving record where Insurance depends. The same case lies with the auto-renew policy as well.

Therefore, this is the perfect time where you can know your rights and facilities which the insurance companies are giving by getting in touch with them as they are there to help you out. So that, a mere thought of Insurance does not scare you any more.

Get a fool proof safety to your needs so that you have nothing to worry in the process. Review your policies in order to know whether you need any more insurance policies as well. Since, nothing matters more than having right kind of protection.  There are various schemes which run from time to time as well. for example, some companies give discounts if you pay the premium on annual basis etc. Therefore, be knowledgeable of such schemes in order to get the best form of assistance. As you make the best use of the approaching time, you will indeed be able to update your insurance policies. After all, nothing matters more than being aware for your rights. Isn’t it?

How society is helped by people who care for it

Day – 3

The third round started with an energizer round where Prakhar started with a funny exercise where he projected that every one is in the mountain and the fire has engulfed the place which necessitates everyone to run. In order to give it an interesting look, he told them to run but they need to stop immediately by making a group of specific numbers after he called out that number. This was indeed quite a funny and hilarious exercise.

Rameez started with an exercise where the participants were told to close their eyes and think about the changes they are seeking for their project. They are expected to write how they can make their project comparably more useful for their target audience. They began writing about the same.

Session 2 : Mind Job : Hand rotation exercise

Thereafter, Rameez told them to stand in a circle where he wanted the participants to do a specific hand posture like he did.

Through this exercise, he said that like a story teller can bring a focus towards a specific phase. Same is the case with participants who can bring certain things into focus especially as and when they want.

Session 2 : Personal Connect

Rameez has given the task to tell a story by focusing on a certain aspect or project or idea which they want to focus.

The participants shared about their plans which they want to do. They were told to narrate within a minute.

Arshi said that she is working for the women from 14-20 years of age who are basically school drop-out out or have never been to school. She needs a fellowship to accomplish their aim of giving dignity to them.

Amir said that he is working for children who often gone astray due to smoking, drinking, inhaling etc. He wants to work for them so that they can lead a life where the financial status of their families don’t go from bad to worse

Madhulika wants to work for those thatched houses “bastis” who haven’t gone government recognition. Mostly, they work for the city people. These people feel alienated, and she wants to work for them to make them at par like others.

Ranjesh is working for the garbage collectors who are basically Assamese. He wants to help them in getting recognition by way of opening ration cards and other formalities so that they can get the rights which they deserve.

Sharda told that she will give self training to women so that they can become self sufficient in themselves.

Sandhya is working for women in the villages.

Saba wants to run stitching centre in villages so that girls and women of her area can have a means to earn their livelihood. There are many girls who want to do something for themselves and the training centre will give the opportunity

Puja wants to work for the women by making them self dependent.

Rahul wants to make gram panchayat self sufficient so that their decision can be binding on one and all.

Valued wants to work for the owners of the middle class families who have lots of responsibility to run their families. Since, they are often neglected as they are often regarded to be money making machines. He wants to work for them by giving them a dignity of their own and reducing their tensions and stress in the process as well

Session 2 : Information Exchange:

Rameez asked the participants regarding which of the story they have liked and the impact it subsequently created for them as well.

Post Break Ramneek and Zeeshan jointly posed questions to the participants regarding what are the things one takes to adhere in order to make the story interesting.

Many participants told various things such as the cast and the story should be a connecting story with whom they can connect

The presentation of the story is an important

Session 2 : Information Application:


Both of them told about 5c’s as it is important for making the story interesting and presentable. Commencement of the story is very important as how you came up the idea. Was it a passion or was it due to any incident which really moved you to the core.

Session 2 : Real World Connect: Participants need to find the platform by resorting to strategies in order to advocate their work

Thereafter, in order to help the participants understand about the issue in a better manner, Zeeshan has this to say for ensuring a connecting story

Zeeshan told about the journey of Safe Safar so far, regarding how auto-rickshaw drivers can play a vital role in the society.

Shariq took on telling about the idea of what motivated them to come with Safe Safar. Both of them explained extensively about it.

Thereafter, the rest of participants were told to create a story of the journey which they want to undertake in order to realize their aim.


Ramneek and Prakhar explained them about the detailed procedural steps which they need to undertake, especially with regards to the challenges which they might be facing while beginning to work on their overall project. They should set their target realistically and not get swayed by any emotions.

Budget is an important aspect for running a project. Proper allocation of resources need to be done.

Thereafter, the budget form is handed over to them, in order to set up a detailed cost of the project which every individual requires.

These are some of the most important aspects which the participants have to keep in mind while opening up their centers.

Finally, the third day workshop came to an end but not before asking the participants about what all they have learnt along with their feedbacks regarding the areas of improvement as well.

Hopefully, the post will be able to give you an awesome reason to view life with a fresh prospective and  break the stereotypes in the process as well.

Liberty VPS review

Who doesn’t face challenges? We all do.sometimes or the other. The most important thing is to devise ways to overcome them. Yes, the business proportions need strict professionalism to enhance the operational aspect and if you don’t do, then that thing may count as a mistake at first, but during a long journey, that has to eventually be subjected to your careless, lack of professional attitude and a blunder.

Yes, now, that I have given you a gist of what constitutes a mistake and how professional the world requires of you, I am telling you about the greatest things to work out in your favor while sticking with the best service. Yes, as you know that mistake may count for “one” time, but if you repeat it, then you are to be blamed.

Now, I begin the post by highlighting the mistake which as a service provider committed in the past. Yes, that having said that, it really proved to be deathknell for my business, which suffered huge loss, not o mention. However, the moment I got in touch with Liberty VPS hosting, things seem to change really fact, and to be very honest, I really didn’t expect the sudden change. Yes, here I begin highlighting about what made choose Liberty VPS and why you should equally develop an instant liking for the hosting

Well, if I may ask you, what constitutes the biggest concern especially wwhile dealing in the online world?

Most obviously, you would term the lack of privacy. Yes, that’s quite an important and necessary area of concern, which often becomes quite a challenge for us, where we hardly have any option.

But, here is the post where I have myself experienced things and based on what I have felt and observed, I am going to helpnyou out with that as well.

Yes, you can pay through Bitcoin payment?

Yes, VPS hosting accepts bitcoin payment which further creates a cementing process of how your privacy and anonymous nature can be better addressed.

So, what exactly is this?

Well, this is part of a mechanism where using credit card is absolutely not an option. Yes, you need to make an account and through the foo proof encrypted process and method, transfer the payment to the company which in this case it is VPS hosting provider.

Off shore company

VPS hosting is based in Netherlands and pleasantly, it has got way more benefits and facilities from the Government, to carry on its operation with ease and more importantly without control. Yes, that has further created a confidence in Liberty which is able to confidently boast about the fact that all the details of the esteemed clients is well hidden and kept as a secret. So, one can very well understand the likelihood of how you can actually create a pleasant situation for yourself. Yes, this is the happiest preposition for people who have long been demanding (so to speak), that their identity shouldn’t be disclosed.

Now, that such an esteemed company which has got the love, appreciation and importantly faith of clients from the different countries of the world, undermining this basic and important aspect is like making a fool of yourself  Yes, the core ideology of the company which lies towards not disclosing the details. Well, I have using for like 4-5 months now and to me one of the best things obviously is that.

Yes, you don’t have to feel the prevalent issue (with others) of downtime

Moving further, with the list of features which I have noted, well you can be a part of those satisfied people who aren’t facing any issue, when it comes to their site. Yes, the speed is something which they are feeling quite happy. Yes, and why to tell about other people reaction, when I have myself seen quite a pleasant way of feeling it. So, what can give you the most emphatic smile, than seeing your business rising, high, higher and the highest.

So, you can simply sit and see that the profits which your business will start generation will make you go

No downtime means, your website generates queries every single passing second

Well,  being a service provider, my work entails that my wwebsite needs to be up and live 24*7.

However, even few seconds of downtime will put off the interest of reads. Yes, it has happened with me in the past and I have been quite disturbed because of that. Well, that will obviously create a sort of nature. Yes, my team and me were working very hard to make things work, but my previous service provider, from where I had taken the service was the most stubborn guy, I have ever met. I may have got to pay him less, but that was eating my big chunk of sales and even frequent discussions to remind him again and again about the challenging time which I am facing, proved to be futile. Well, this enough, I though, enough is enough. I needed to do something as I didn’t have any other way. Luckily, Liberty VPS hosting was something which occurred to be professionally.

Geographical distance doesn’t matter

It would be wrong on your part, if you are having an issue about the distance. Well, the online world we are currently living in, is undergoing such a beautiful phase where all of us are picking the best of services from different countries of  the world. I have so many clients from U.S and U.K. They could have easily got them right from their home country, but they chose me, So why did they?

Well, it would be basically because of my service, reasonable price and ofcourse professionalism


I really don’t see any reason, of why you shouldn’t go with Liberty VPS. I have so many friends in different parts of the world and we all skyped first, before coming up with the unanimous decision about taking service from Liberty VPS Hosting. Yes, now, we are all having seemingly easy, effective and transparent. Yes, our hardowrk is not paying and we can seemingly invest more time in a constructive things, rather than worrying about issues of downtime or lack of speed and all.


How to turn your Windows 10 PC into a kiosk


Windows 10 speaks about how technological advancement can actually lead us to. Isn’t it? Yes, considering the list of awesome features, it isn’t hard for techies like us, who have been closely looking at the market developments for almost a decade to present the researched post on how to turn your windows 10 pc into a kiosk.


Features associated with Windows 10

We know Windows 10 because it is an awesome operating system which is known for being powered with apps, cortana integration, and most importantly, like the pace with which we see the upgrade of any other product. There has been way more frequent and continual upgrades. Yes, so in short, you get new and interesting features, thanks to windows 10 assigned access.

Now, having said that, we also know that the main and basic objective of coming up with the post regarding Windows 10 is that it works on different devices. Yes, that’s part of this functionality and usability which makes it operational on not just laptops, desktops and smartphones but also on IOT products along with gaming consoles. So, there is quite an awesome wide area of field, where you can thank yourself for being the owner of Windows 10, where if you possess these desired products for yourself, then easy, and systematic phase can be best termed for your life, with windows 10 kiosk mode internet explorer.

Likewise, those apps which are considered and recognized by the Universal Windows Platform are conveniently termed to be “universal apps” and are the most obvious highlights of Windows 10.

I mean , look at the mind-blowing user experience which one can actually experience for himself when it comes to using different devices and what to talk about awesome features regarding windows 10 home kiosk mode. Here, I can best mention about its real-time notifications


Occasions when you have to share your computer with others

  1. Considering the housing of so many universal apps, ok if I may ask you, that there will be occasions (during the time when you have to share your PC with another one who may have to as part of professional commitments want to work on your specific universal app) when you only want one of them to run on Windows 10 PC.
  1. Second scenario is that when your kid is demanding you to take her out. But you are so tired, that you are finding it difficult to make up for the time. So, as a substitute and to save yourself from going out, you devised a smart way for diverting the attention of your kid. Yes, you gave your computer to let your kid play that wonderful game from Windows store, where you really don’t want her to accidentally go into documents and harm the files or do such thing.
  2. Or your relatives are coming and you very well know that they may demand you to kindly allow them to work on it, for sometime. You can’t refuse them as this isn’t in your nature, nor you can flatly refuse someone who is your guest and what will he take back from your house? Bitter memories, well obviously you don’t want that to happen. So, you have to give him.

It is these situations and occasions that the Kiosk Mode feature in Windows 10, comes to be handy. Yes, the other name for it is ‘Assigned Access’ which as per its nature of work is quite appropriate as well. Yes, you are only be able to use one application on your Windows 10 PC. So, the configuration app which is associated with windows 10 Kiosk Mode edge can’t be exited and likewise, there is another piece of information which I would love to give to you that it equally runs full-screen as well.

Prevalent mistake which I have experienced others making and you should avoid

Well, while exiting Kiosk Mode, most of the users whom I met, make a mistake of not logging out with their user account. Well, this is something you have to do. Similarly, Kiosk Mode functions with Windows store apps and if you are looking for it to work for traditional desktop applications, then I am afraid, that none of such thing is actually going to happen here with this.

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Process of configuring Kiosk Mode in Windows 10

Go to settings, then accounts and family and other users and look at the right, you will see the set up assigned access option, click on it. You can get it through windows 10 assigned access internet explorer or through others as well.

Next screen will give you option of designated user account to be set up with Kiosk mode. Choose the specific and exact Universal app, you want (here I want to say, that in such a phase, it is presumed that you have already installed in PC), then as Kiosk is activated, then it is going to run. As the whole process is done, restart your PC to finally experience the change in process which I am talking about.

Now, this is how you have successfully configured Kiosk Mode in Windows 10. Yes, only the specifically chosen or I should use the word for which the account is configured; only that will run in full-screen. Yes, that’s an important thing to remind you again.

Now, if you are looking to exit the Kiosk Mode, it is so easy, press Ctrl+Alt+Del