How to turn your Windows 10 PC into a kiosk


Windows 10 speaks about how technological advancement can actually lead us to. Isn’t it? Yes, considering the list of awesome features, it isn’t hard for techies like us, who have been closely looking at the market developments for almost a decade to present the researched post on how to turn your windows 10 pc into a kiosk.


Features associated with Windows 10

We know Windows 10 because it is an awesome operating system which is known for being powered with apps, cortana integration, and most importantly, like the pace with which we see the upgrade of any other product. There has been way more frequent and continual upgrades. Yes, so in short, you get new and interesting features, thanks to windows 10 assigned access.

Now, having said that, we also know that the main and basic objective of coming up with the post regarding Windows 10 is that it works on different devices. Yes, that’s part of this functionality and usability which makes it operational on not just laptops, desktops and smartphones but also on IOT products along with gaming consoles. So, there is quite an awesome wide area of field, where you can thank yourself for being the owner of Windows 10, where if you possess these desired products for yourself, then easy, and systematic phase can be best termed for your life, with windows 10 kiosk mode internet explorer.

Likewise, those apps which are considered and recognized by the Universal Windows Platform are conveniently termed to be “universal apps” and are the most obvious highlights of Windows 10.

I mean , look at the mind-blowing user experience which one can actually experience for himself when it comes to using different devices and what to talk about awesome features regarding windows 10 home kiosk mode. Here, I can best mention about its real-time notifications


Occasions when you have to share your computer with others

  1. Considering the housing of so many universal apps, ok if I may ask you, that there will be occasions (during the time when you have to share your PC with another one who may have to as part of professional commitments want to work on your specific universal app) when you only want one of them to run on Windows 10 PC.
  1. Second scenario is that when your kid is demanding you to take her out. But you are so tired, that you are finding it difficult to make up for the time. So, as a substitute and to save yourself from going out, you devised a smart way for diverting the attention of your kid. Yes, you gave your computer to let your kid play that wonderful game from Windows store, where you really don’t want her to accidentally go into documents and harm the files or do such thing.
  2. Or your relatives are coming and you very well know that they may demand you to kindly allow them to work on it, for sometime. You can’t refuse them as this isn’t in your nature, nor you can flatly refuse someone who is your guest and what will he take back from your house? Bitter memories, well obviously you don’t want that to happen. So, you have to give him.

It is these situations and occasions that the Kiosk Mode feature in Windows 10, comes to be handy. Yes, the other name for it is ‘Assigned Access’ which as per its nature of work is quite appropriate as well. Yes, you are only be able to use one application on your Windows 10 PC. So, the configuration app which is associated with windows 10 Kiosk Mode edge can’t be exited and likewise, there is another piece of information which I would love to give to you that it equally runs full-screen as well.

Prevalent mistake which I have experienced others making and you should avoid

Well, while exiting Kiosk Mode, most of the users whom I met, make a mistake of not logging out with their user account. Well, this is something you have to do. Similarly, Kiosk Mode functions with Windows store apps and if you are looking for it to work for traditional desktop applications, then I am afraid, that none of such thing is actually going to happen here with this.

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Process of configuring Kiosk Mode in Windows 10

Go to settings, then accounts and family and other users and look at the right, you will see the set up assigned access option, click on it. You can get it through windows 10 assigned access internet explorer or through others as well.

Next screen will give you option of designated user account to be set up with Kiosk mode. Choose the specific and exact Universal app, you want (here I want to say, that in such a phase, it is presumed that you have already installed in PC), then as Kiosk is activated, then it is going to run. As the whole process is done, restart your PC to finally experience the change in process which I am talking about.

Now, this is how you have successfully configured Kiosk Mode in Windows 10. Yes, only the specifically chosen or I should use the word for which the account is configured; only that will run in full-screen. Yes, that’s an important thing to remind you again.

Now, if you are looking to exit the Kiosk Mode, it is so easy, press Ctrl+Alt+Del


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