How society is helped by people who care for it

Day – 3

The third round started with an energizer round where Prakhar started with a funny exercise where he projected that every one is in the mountain and the fire has engulfed the place which necessitates everyone to run. In order to give it an interesting look, he told them to run but they need to stop immediately by making a group of specific numbers after he called out that number. This was indeed quite a funny and hilarious exercise.

Rameez started with an exercise where the participants were told to close their eyes and think about the changes they are seeking for their project. They are expected to write how they can make their project comparably more useful for their target audience. They began writing about the same.

Session 2 : Mind Job : Hand rotation exercise

Thereafter, Rameez told them to stand in a circle where he wanted the participants to do a specific hand posture like he did.

Through this exercise, he said that like a story teller can bring a focus towards a specific phase. Same is the case with participants who can bring certain things into focus especially as and when they want.

Session 2 : Personal Connect

Rameez has given the task to tell a story by focusing on a certain aspect or project or idea which they want to focus.

The participants shared about their plans which they want to do. They were told to narrate within a minute.

Arshi said that she is working for the women from 14-20 years of age who are basically school drop-out out or have never been to school. She needs a fellowship to accomplish their aim of giving dignity to them.

Amir said that he is working for children who often gone astray due to smoking, drinking, inhaling etc. He wants to work for them so that they can lead a life where the financial status of their families don’t go from bad to worse

Madhulika wants to work for those thatched houses “bastis” who haven’t gone government recognition. Mostly, they work for the city people. These people feel alienated, and she wants to work for them to make them at par like others.

Ranjesh is working for the garbage collectors who are basically Assamese. He wants to help them in getting recognition by way of opening ration cards and other formalities so that they can get the rights which they deserve.

Sharda told that she will give self training to women so that they can become self sufficient in themselves.

Sandhya is working for women in the villages.

Saba wants to run stitching centre in villages so that girls and women of her area can have a means to earn their livelihood. There are many girls who want to do something for themselves and the training centre will give the opportunity

Puja wants to work for the women by making them self dependent.

Rahul wants to make gram panchayat self sufficient so that their decision can be binding on one and all.

Valued wants to work for the owners of the middle class families who have lots of responsibility to run their families. Since, they are often neglected as they are often regarded to be money making machines. He wants to work for them by giving them a dignity of their own and reducing their tensions and stress in the process as well

Session 2 : Information Exchange:

Rameez asked the participants regarding which of the story they have liked and the impact it subsequently created for them as well.

Post Break Ramneek and Zeeshan jointly posed questions to the participants regarding what are the things one takes to adhere in order to make the story interesting.

Many participants told various things such as the cast and the story should be a connecting story with whom they can connect

The presentation of the story is an important

Session 2 : Information Application:


Both of them told about 5c’s as it is important for making the story interesting and presentable. Commencement of the story is very important as how you came up the idea. Was it a passion or was it due to any incident which really moved you to the core.

Session 2 : Real World Connect: Participants need to find the platform by resorting to strategies in order to advocate their work

Thereafter, in order to help the participants understand about the issue in a better manner, Zeeshan has this to say for ensuring a connecting story

Zeeshan told about the journey of Safe Safar so far, regarding how auto-rickshaw drivers can play a vital role in the society.

Shariq took on telling about the idea of what motivated them to come with Safe Safar. Both of them explained extensively about it.

Thereafter, the rest of participants were told to create a story of the journey which they want to undertake in order to realize their aim.


Ramneek and Prakhar explained them about the detailed procedural steps which they need to undertake, especially with regards to the challenges which they might be facing while beginning to work on their overall project. They should set their target realistically and not get swayed by any emotions.

Budget is an important aspect for running a project. Proper allocation of resources need to be done.

Thereafter, the budget form is handed over to them, in order to set up a detailed cost of the project which every individual requires.

These are some of the most important aspects which the participants have to keep in mind while opening up their centers.

Finally, the third day workshop came to an end but not before asking the participants about what all they have learnt along with their feedbacks regarding the areas of improvement as well.

Hopefully, the post will be able to give you an awesome reason to view life with a fresh prospective and  break the stereotypes in the process as well.

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