How you can practice American English in your free time?



Refer American news channel to initiate a debate



  • Watch News on American news channels like CNN.


  • Minutely observe their accent and how they pronounce their words.


  • Watch till the time you get a sufficient sense of the topic to debate. Now, you can create a team “for” and “against” the topic.


Now, with whom we can start a debate with?

With friends ofcourse.






Let’s read for more.



  • Is it becoming hard for you to understand the concepts in English?


  • Do you want to improve your English so that your issues can become clear?


  • Are you facing the problem due to lack of time to improve your English?


If yes is the answer then you don’t have to worry


I will help you to improve your English in your free time. Yes, I am only telling you the tested ways to improve.


Yes, these measures have helped me and I am sure that it will help you also.


How I improved my English and how can you too



Most of us for some time in a day, hang out with friends and what we call as our “free time”. Now, your smartness lies in the fact where you have to make use of this time and do something constructive. Yes most of us have been passing time either by giggling or making fun etc.


However, from now on, be serious and based on your requirement of improving English, you have to prepare yourself mentally where you should say to yourself, that look “I have to speak with my friends in English”.  We should be mentally prepared. For example, when you are sitting with your group, take initiative of speaking.

I know moving out of your comfort zone is challenging at first, but you have to make efforts somehow.  You have to move out of your comfort zone. Anyhow this is very important because when you fight with adverse circumstances, then it actually prepares you extensively.


Some of your friends may try to be “bossy” and give you reasons to put you in embarrassment by saying things like,


  • Why do you want to show yourself?



  • Leave us alone, or something like that.


However, if your friends are understanding and cooperative, then it will be a plus point for you but don’t feel sad if they start making fun of you.
As I said before, bitter the surroundings turn out to be for you, better it will be for you to create a platform for yourself.


You will become a motivating force for your friends


Make sure, when you talk, be confident and you will not even realize the kind of impact the practice will actually going to give you.  As you continue talking, I am sure some of your friends may come back to you after seeing the kind of constant improvement in yourself.  Yes, I mean your efforts and your motivational level will force them to give response to you in English.


You need to realize that everybody makes mistakes. I have made mistakes and you are making mistakes also but your smartness lies when you start working on your mistakes where you don’t repeat them in future. It has helped me and I am sure it will help you.



Most importantly, in order to polish your English speaking skills, you don’t have to take out time from your busy schedule. It is just that you are utilizing your free time in something beneficial. Now as you follow this method for few days you will only be left with those friends who think in line with your ideology. Don’t feel sad for those friends who may not like to join you in your free time but think positively because you have got close friends who think like the way you do.  Isn’t it?

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