(Updated) Learning English – Why it is not as hard as we possibly thing it to be

We may have the misconception that English is quite difficult to grasp and understand. However, it isn’t like that. English is actually easy and fun if we know the systematic ways to polish it,  otherwise we may be experiencing the kind of burden and anxiety which we have been normally experiencing since years in our quest to polish English further.

We may have the perception that nothing is impossible in this world but why we start having negative perception whenever it comes to becoming a fluent speaker in English.

Aren’t we ourselves to be blamed for it? Yes because we may have grown up with the idea that anything which is done with hard work can be achieved over a period of time. But because we don’t work in a systematic manner as a result we are not able to achieve the desired results especially in our requirement to become polished English teacher.

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Now let’s take a look at the easiest of ways to follow for polishing English

Empower yourself with tenses

Do you know that tenses are similar to the pillars of the building? Yes, they give much needed support and protection to the structure, failure to which the structure will collapse like pack of cards anytime. So, in your quest of learning English right from the start, you have to empower yourself with tenses. As no way will a person be able to is speak grammatically correct English, without the knowledge of tenses.

No matter whatever sentence you make, it has to do with tenses.


There can’t be any sentence which can be constructed without following on the patterns of tenses


For example, let’s take a look at what I am telling in the following manner:-


Last night, I had a dream that I have won a lottery (Past Indefinite)

I will be going to Jeddah for one month next year (Future Continuous)

People may hate me, but they can’t ignore me (Present Indefinite)

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In the following manner, whatever sentence you make, has to do with tenses.


So, don’t you think that you should start learning the tenses first?


Not many people will be telling you about the benefits of learning tenses.  It may maybe due to following reasons:-


  • You are taking guidance from a tutor who may be more concerned about earning money from you


  • The coaching centre don’t want to take pain of teaching the basics, rather they superficially want you to polish English. They will give scant regard whether you have mastered it or not.

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Most of the times, it turns out to be an unfortunate act that the very same tutor on whom we have full belief, becomes the perfect means of misleading us and due to the fact that we have already invested time and money in him, we have no choice but to follow every single thing which he wants us to.


However, after you have gone through the post, atleast make sure to ask him to teach tenses from now on


However, let me put this fact straight and clear to you, that learning English is actually no big deal. You just ought to have confidence and knowledge of tenses and I can bet that your subsequent journey will be full of peace and tranquility as well. So, attain that piece of awesomeness and feel happy to be in the company of bubbly people who are enjoying life to the fullest too.


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