All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board – An Insight

Do Shabd – (What should I say)

When a man came in the world, deception, enmity, corruption, rape, exploitation of human-beings by one another, etc were such heinous crimes names that even their names were not in prevalence leave alone their actions. Slowly, as the population started rising, people became self-centered and generated feelings to cheat and exploit others and started practically implementing the same in their behavior.

Slow, the society came into existence to put an end to such adverse human (maanavta virodhi karkaton) actions. People living in different groups and tribes made different laws for ensuring peace, and banned the non-social work. (gair smaajik kaamo)

Slowly, incarnations of great sages and the Prophets came on earth and gave a practical way to the orders and directions of Lord and Allah for the humanity of the whole world. so that, no one infringes on the rights, exploits and commits atrocities on others,  be it “a man on a woman”, “a woman on a man”, or “a human on other human”. Hence, it not only maintains peace and civilization but also extends it. However, unfortunately, few devils in the form of humans have taken birth in the society. They, due to their vested interests distorted the sacred words of Lord and Allah which in turn gave rise to malpractices and turbulence and are unfortunately still doing the same.

Due to neglecting of orders and instructions of Lord and Allah, there has been unrest and social conflicts are continuously rising in the human society.

In order to practically implement the orders and instructions of Lord and Allah in the society, Almighty Allah has directed us to play our part for ensuring peace in the society and to end exploitation by following on the teachings of Quran and Shariat. Thereafter, I took the decision that I will run a movement against non-social, non sharee by protesting Anti-Allah instructions and orders, and as part of the movement and following on Amr Bil Maroof, Nahi Anil Munkar), I have mentioned few examples “as it is” in the book. If anyone has problems with the truth, then I would like to humbly request them, to firstly follow on the “orders of Lord and Allah” and “Sharia of Holy Quran’. Almighty Allah will shower blessings and courage that we are able to put forth the truth in front of everyone.

Allah Hafiz

Shaista Ambar


All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board



Indeed! Heaven lies under the feet of a mother

I am doing social service for the last 15 – 20 years and I have noted that there are few special occasions which are celebrated on selected dates across the whole world. Such as Human Rights Day, World Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, World Family Day, Children’s Day etc. All such days are somewhere centered on the roles of a woman.

Few government and non-governmental organizations organize grand events as well as traditional programs or (and) it just remains a formality and the Day ends with the promises and the statements (announcements). However, few social service organizations seriously work for the movement in a continuous manner.

Crores of rupees are allotted for the education, security, livelihood as well as for medical security (chikitsiye suraksha) of women and a commission namely Vishakha Guideline, Justice Verma or Sachchar Committee etc. are formed for checking the atrocities and injustices done to them.

Ask the whole line

Likewise, as we take a look from Hindu mythology, God resides in the places where women are respected. ( Sanskrit written) Girls who are happy, at peace and compassionate are loved. The owner of the house i.e husband can’t complete the religious work of the house without wife.

Almighty Allah in the holy Quran has said to our beloved prophet (S.A.W.S)  that be happy at the birth of a daughter and give her rights in the property according to my orders. Educate her and give her equal rights in the society.

According to the Islamic orders, the girl (woman) becomes capable to such an extent that she is able to present the best of herself with her discretion, intelligence as well as confidence even in the most challenging situations.


Holy Quran in Para No. 30 of Surah Taqveer has ordered to safeguard daughter. He has set a punishment if she is murdered. It can be explained in such a manner that “Remember the day when people due to lack of knowledge considered the birth of a baby girl to be an insult and they used to bury the daughter.  and at the same place, they used to graze the pregnant camel by holding its tail. Their belief was that the camel will give them milk which will benefit them and their business will flourish. They used to protect it. But remember that on the day of judgement, the daughter whom you had killed, will ask for justice that what was her fault, that her own father killed me. That’s why, it has been directed that don’t kill any body’s daughter, educate her and give her equal rights in the society.

I am mentioning few of the many directives and narratives of our beloved prophet S.AW.S who gave during the time of the last Hajj namely Hajjatul Wida.

Follow on the teachings of Quran and on my Sunnat like the way, (I have followed in my life) and accept it as the way of guidance.

Respect the worshippers of Allah, (Allah ke bande) do justice with them and present the best of your behavior with them.  (Para No. 18, Surah Noor  Ayat No. (58,59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64)

Do not divide into groups

Take extra care of ill, weak, orphans and neighbors

Do just

Do not differentiate amongst any race, rich and poor.

A learned scholar is the most loving in the eyes of Allah who is religious and righteous, sets examples for others, is justice loving, has character and is humanist.

Be tender with women, sympathize towards women, and don’t snatch their rights. Give them respect, justice as well as educate them.

Do not create unrest. Para No. 19, Surah – 150, 151, 152, 178, 183


We are very grateful to all the respected people

Above all, I would like to thank my Ammi, Abbu who educated and preached me (will preach be appropriate word) towards becoming an honest and truthful social worker. I would also like to thank my mother and father-in-law as well my husband Mr. Idris Ambar  “Senior P.C.S officer and former special secretary who was also awarded as Urdu Literature convener by Sahitya Academy”. He made us efficient in raising our voice according to our capabilities against truth, false justice, injustice.  I would also thank my  brothers, sisters as well as children along with colleagues who stood with me in every step of my struggle and movement.

I have been working since 1997 with an organization which hasn’t taken any sort of government help. My work area is surrounded in helping the patients of nearby Sanjay Gandhi hospital as well as helping and serving  the needy and sufferers of the area.

Through my efforts, patients kept on getting government grants from time to time for their treatment and I organized camps for social welfare as well as helped poor girls with marriage and education  according to their financial status. I believe that helping humanity is considered to be the foremost service.

I pay gratitude to the late honorable Governor – Mr. Suraj Bhaan and Mr. Vishnu Kant Shastri and Ask Maam present Governor Mr………………………………………… who has invited me in all the functions held in the Raj Bahwan.

I also thank those who praised my social work namely Mr. Yogendra Narain, former Chief Secretary and I.A.S Uttar Pradesh) and his wife Mrs. Neena Mathur. While he was applying Gulal to children during “Holy and Eid Milan” in the presence of doctors from P.G.I, I recall his noble thought, where he said,  Like the way doctors treat patients irrespective of the religious identity, in the same way great social workers remove bad practices from the society without any differences like Shaista Ambar does.

I am also thankful to write names————————-………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Former Labor minister Mr. Kaushal Kishore’s wife Jai Devi who has an army of tortured women, and helps towards eradicating the problems by standing shoulder to shoulder with her husband. She helps in our social work too.

I also thank our senior brother Former Mayer Dr. S.C. Rai and present Mayor Mr. Dinesh Sharma, and Nawab Mir Jaafar Abdullah, Shikoh Aazad, Sayyad Masum Raza, Advocate, and philanthropist Mr. Siddiqui who has motivated me towards my social work and movements.

I also thank Gayatri family for giving me respect and blessing in their podium by referring me as “Didi” which makes me overwhelmed and I get the blessings from different people through Shanti Kunj, primarily Major Khare, G.P Singh, S.N. Yadav and women partners of Gayatri family.

I often do prayers of forgiveness for our beloved departed leaders. I extensively remember Hazrat Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Ali Miyan (R.A) for his work on religious education and his role towards social work. I would like to narrate one of his incidents when he laid down the foundation stone of our Masjid. There were many religious leaders who came with him during that time. When my opponents spread illogical and false rumors about me, then in a state of depression and anxiety, I became serious and straightway went A.D.M to Ali Mia’s house (R.A).

(Following is the conversation which happened with Ali Mian during that time)

I asked him, that many people are spreading rumors about me. My husband lives in Aligarh and is a A.D.M and has also met you. Then Ali Mian (R.A) said to me not to be afraid, I have always responded to people that “the” woman is constructing a mosque and a Dharmshala’ from her own money and also by selling her ornaments for helping patients and poor to stay and have food.  Shaista herself comes with her husband, who infact is an A.D.M in Aligarh. and Shaista chant “Tasbi fatima” and always remember that whenever a person do good deeds, then her opponents rise. If the same thing happens with you, then don’t become afraid and continuously do your deeds with honesty.

I also do prayers of forgiveness for Qari Siddiqu and I also take blessings from his son Qari Habeen Sb (hailing from Banda Hathauda Uttar Pradesh). His children refers me as “Phuphi”.

I also took blessings from late Shah Abrarul Haq (R.A) of Hardoi and I also do prayers of forgiveness for late Maulana Abdul Kareem Parek Sb. (Padam Shree). He came to our Masjid and after seeing the facilities meant for poor patients and destitude, he became very happy and told me that it is a very noble act that you do service of mankind. He further praised me by saying that he has seen the first women in India who facilitates poor people with proper stay apart from constructing the mosque. I told

what should i write for Hazrat?

him that Hazrat the books which you gave to me, has been taken by men and women belonging to different religions. I need more and I help everyone in the Masjid understand their meaning by narrating them too. I requested him to send more since people readily understand due to their easy language and he willingly agreed too.



After a lot of time, I rang him and requested him to send a letter of “prayers”. he sent this letter approximately 15 days before, he breathed his last. The reason why we consider his status to be the biggest and greatest is that he used to respect and hold the Acharya of all the different leaders with great esteem. He was such a liberal that he used to help poor and needy silently. I also learnt one more great thing from his book that he performed the prayers alongside with Hazrat Maulana Ali Mian (R.A) in Shree Achcarya Kaam Koti Ashram. What a bigger example of a religious brotherhood  (dhaarmik sauhard) can be than this? Especially in today’s context when people are fighting for their own Masjid and Mandir and spreading hatred.

Likewise, I also want to dearly thank Dr. Saeedurrehman Aazmi and Principle of Nadwa (Mohtmim) Maulana Harun Rasheed Sahab for having their guardianship (sarprasti). I also want to thank Shahi Imaam of Delhi Mufti Muqarram Sahab that he helped me in making my work more precise and effective with necessary changes and I still take his advice at every step.

It is also my privilege to also thank Shia religious leader Kalbe Jawwad Sahab that when Awas Vikas has sent a notice for Masjid terming it to be illegal, then the “said” Government department agreed that the notice was wrong and I was collectively fighting for it with my Hindu-Muslim brothers and sisters.  I would also like to thank M.P from MohanLaL Ganj . Honorable Kaushal Kishore Ji.

I asked for help from varsious Ulemas but sadly no one came to help with the exception of Maulana Harun Rasheed and Maulana Kalbe Jawwad Sahab. Rest of the women were preparing to get bulldozed and they also prayed in the Masjid and due to the same I got the fatwa, that women can’t pray in Masjid. I strongly put forth my view that when women can pray in one of the most sacred places that is holy Kaaba and holy Madeena, then why there is a double standard.

Is Islam of Holy Kaaba and that of India different? and everyone was numb at my question. I want to thank those revolutionary social workers to whom I express my gratitude, specially my elder sister Former Vice Chancellor Rooprekha Verma , Aasha Mishra, Madhu Garg, Comrade A.B. Vardha Ji,. Comrade kaushal Kishore Ji,and my Lal Salaam to all the comrades of Jitendra kranti jagat. I learnt the procedure to make the agitation more effective from them.

I often ponder that politically, America doesn’t have smooth ties with Communist and amongst the religious organizations opposes Islam as well. I won’t hesitate in saying the truth that Ulemao (Clerics) have given Fatwa of freeing the country from English and thousands of Ulemas were willingly hanged for the sake of the country. The ruling political parties of the country didn’t show honesty in giving dignity, rights and security to the Muslims.


The Religious restrictions of Section 341 should be abolished because the reports of Sachchar Committe- Nimesh Commission, Justice Verma Ciommission etc  are prepared with great transparency and honesty. I till the end of my last breath will be highly grateful to Print Media and Electronic Media which with great honesty not only aired my speeches and work all across the globe, but continuously maintained transparency in enlightening people in India and world over and are still doing the same. I am financially not capable of facing the Capitalists. I am only able to run my agitation with meager sources and inspite of the same, Media has been quite supportive and did help in giving a much larger audience to different work of mine.

It is important to tell my friends that I didn’t create any other organization apart from my board (Did i create or not). I did lots of social work, but never with government fund. My husband is retired from Civil Services (P.C.S Special Secretary Home). It was his ideology that never do social work under his name and support. I quote what he said, “I am myself not among those husbands who will help you as there are people who being in a highly renowned positions of power give facilities to the work of their wives. You should introduce yourself through your work and struggle and register your identity through the same”.  Following on his footsteps, I feel proud of him, since no one has blamed me on immoral grounds.


The importance of forming a Muslim women board with many Darul Qazas becoming inactive

Our Prophet (S.A.W) has said that he is not in problems with either Momin (A momin is a faithful and religious believer in Islam and its laws) or Mushriq (the one who partners with Allah) since Allah will safequard a Momin due to his faith, while Allah will punish a Mushriq for holding a substitute with Allah. But, he feels a sense of problem for all those who are Munafiq (Munafiq is a religious hypocrite who outwardly practices Islam while inwardly concealing his disbelief) from heart but are Aalim (Muslim scholars trained in Islam and Islamic law) from tongue. The same person says the things which you feel good, but his actions are those which you term to be bad.

In reality, you feel capable of speaking truth through the teachings of holy Quran, then why do you feel afraid to speak lie. You should be familiarized with those rights of yours since while remaining in dark you can’t really excuse yourself, since ……………………. right full senstence.

Intelligent people go towards them while bad people shyly move away from them. Where else will one get the enlightenment other than the teachings of Quran?

The world has made them (gumrah) and as a result, their eyes are closed. The world is playing with them and they in re-turn playing with them.

The basic of objective of All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board is to give solutions to the problems of women in the light of Quran. In today’s context, the organization which was made for safeguarding the rights of Muslims hasn’t delivered according to its promise. It totally failed in giving justice to especially, women related issues such as dowry related cases, Nikah, Talaq, maher, second marriage, not giving power to do khula, inherent related issues.  Specially Pasmanda Muslim women aren’t able to get due justice in the light of Quran. Unfortunately, few (tathakathit)Ulema make the issues of women even more complicated than solving them. As a result, non-muslims get a bad view of Islam. hence, in such a situation, it became quite necessary to construct a Mahila Board for solving women related issues.

The board has intended to work on the following issues:-

Special education for women on the ways to keep “Paak” along with kafan, mayyat and the method to do Gusl.

Muslim girls as far as possible don’t marry with Non-Muslims. I mean to say that in such sort of cases, there is always a threat of communal tensions and riots. Many innocent lives are lost also.

The Divorces which are given through Internet, E-mail, telephone, Mobile and S.M.S are are aganst the teaching of Islam and Holy Quran.

Do the nikah of minor (Nabaalig) girl in the extreme circumstance when it is very necessary, preferably educate her first.

Justice is usually not served according to Muslim Law in thana, court and commission because Darul Qazas are not so effective in India.  The board wants to include Muslim Marriage Act in Indian Law and is continuously making efforts to do the same as well.

The Muslim population of our country is approximately 138 million and the money which comes through zakaat,( Payment made annually under Islamic law on certain kinds of property and used for charitable and religious purposes) khariat (alms giving), fitra (pure human nature, disposition, or instinct), chanda (to contribute), as well as money from the skin of sacrificial animals comes to Madarsa in the same proportion of the population. Also, Islamic Development Bank financially help along with Central and State governments.

Can the Ulemas give the whole stock of the money on annual basis to the society? Whereas, in Islam, transparency is strictly regarded to be the most important necessity. How many orphans, poor, widows and divorced women are benefited from the money? Whereas, through this big amount, we can easily make arrangement for vast colleges, medical colleges, I.T’s, Darul Qazas etc and as per the need we can build them separately for girls too.

Along with the same, the aforesaid scheme can become successful through the money coming from Islamic Banks along with that from Waqf properties and financial help from Islamic countries.

We can become selfdependent through the above three strong mediums that we even don’t need any political help as well. Even then, we are dependent on the morsel given by the political leaders. I feel sad for the extent of illiteracy and poverty which it has gripped the community. There needs a noble thought and strong willpower for the same.

It is true that in order to take the stock of the country or society, then we can get a sense by looking at the conditions of women. For example, if they are educated and succeeding in every sphere, then the society and country is also succeeding and flourishing as well.

Data is the proof that in comparison to the women of other societies, Muslim women are less educated and are backwards. One of the reasons also relates to the fact that if girls and women want to continue their education, then they are forbidden.  If girls from Doctor, I.A.S or poor families wants to use bicycle for going to their schools, then through a “Fatwa” (answer through Islamic point of view), they are forbidden to do the same. Another reason for the backward of Muslim society is also that they take their steps back by fearing more from Fatwas than Allah. As a result,Fatwas are losing its meaning due to UnIslamic and non-sharia responses by many clerics.

Due to the same, fearing from the diktat and orders of “Khap Panchayat” most of the muslim majority areas marry their girls at a young age without giving proper education to them. Such a girl is neither able to understand about Islam nor society. Hence, she can’t educate her children properly. Along with the same, she is not able to defend herself from the family torture, since she is not aware about her rights.

Holy Quran is a complete constitution of spending a human life. “What are our rights” and “what are not”, are clearly and specifically told. The basic right in this also relates with that of education where men and women are given equal rights in Islam. In the Friday sermon, the Ulemas should emphasize on the importance of educating men and women. But in most of the sermons, it has been found that the woman should limit themselves in the four boundaries of the house, listen to the husband and if she rebuts or go against him, then the husband can divorce him and he has the right to do many Nikaahs.

If I say truth, then few  hardliners and narrow-minded Ulemas are disrespecting Islam and are imposing restrictions on women with regards to caste and (oonch neech) and don’t consider women to be equal.  Doing like this, they are only copying other societies. They are not followin on the Sunnat of our prophet (S.A.W) According to Hadees Muslim Shareeq, “There are 2 thins which if found in people can lead them to Kufr”

“Regarding one another to be Kamzaat and worthless”

Mostly, women’s issues are not addressed in Darul Qaza and if the woman comes with her concern, then she is sent back and told to come with Mehram next time. When the hapless women will come with the complain of her husband, brother, or father-in-law, then it is not necessary that she will accompany a mehram. There is also a possibility that she is an orphan and the Qazi gives a one-sided judgement without listening her. Hence, in order to address her concerns, there should be a Woman Qazi (judge in a Muslim community, whose decisions are based on Islamic religious law)or a Aalima.

During the long period of my social service, I have seen that most of the sufferers in police stations, court, human rights commission and women’s commission have prominently visible skull caps and beard.

When I enquired about their problems, then I got to know that these people were facing the issues of Nikah, Divorce, second marriage or NRI’s issue (husband not contacting or returning after going abroad). The concerned officers also advice them to go to their local areas Maulana’s as they themselves are incapable of fully dealing with such cases. When I asked them whether they know about Darul Qaza, then they nodded their head in negative. I took some of those cases to Darul Qaza of Nadwa, but sadly there was no hearing of the same and Qazi sb. said that I agree that she is a sufferer and her husband is an accused, but I can’t give punishment. Then I told him to kindly refer to the court for the speedy addressal of the problem so that justice can be done, because our courts listen to the Mashware of Darul Qaza. But he told, that he won’t do.

Instead of mentioning many cases, I am telling you about one case:-

The incident of Mohammad Hashim, a rapist father belonging to VazeerGanj thana of Uttar Pradesh raped his two real daughters continuously for 7 years and a child was born from one of them. Many women organizations and I, raised the voice against this inhuman practise and I came to Darul Qaza with this issue that they should tell the court to hang the accused father, but it couldn’t happen like this. Then all the women pressurized the advocates not to handle his case or bail him. During that time, I was a member of the Haj Committee and I was in contact with many Aalims. Like president of Personal Law Board Ali iyan Rehmat Alte used to give me blessings and I often used to go and meet him. Because, he came to visit the site of the Masjid and the Dharmshala for the poor people which I constructed. Likewise, many Aailms of the similar post do lots of duas and blessings for me and motivate me further to do social work. The President of Nadwa advised me to apply in writing  for becoming the women member of the personal law board as I have a healthy reputation. He had said that society needs women like me. However, few people due to their vested interests misled the President of Personal Law Board Maulana Rabe Hasan Nadwi and my name wasn’t included in the list. It is to be mentioned that Hazrat Maulana Raabe Hasan Nadwi  along with most of the teachers of Nadwa college respect me. I would like to clearly mention here that my aim of forming the Women’s board is not to complete with any other board or Aalims.

The increasing number of Fatwas not in line with the teachings of Quran were continuously mocked.  Those with no basic grounds of Fatwa like related with Imrana, Gudia, (Aarif and Taufeek), fatwa on Namaaz-e-Janaaza due to issues of different sects and the fatwa terming the followers of other sects in this specific namaaz-e-janaza to be kaafirs (due to the Prayer leader being of different sect) and on top of that, another simultaneous fatwa ending their wives marriage were surely demeaning the importance of Fatwas.

Likewise, many more similar Fatwas where clicking Photos was prohibited, women can’t offer prayers in the Masjid, can’t get co-education, can’t run bicycle, fatwa on divorce during intoxication, sleep and and unconsciousness, gair kafu (hierarchy, inequality in society, atrocities committed by Khap Panchayat if one marries beyond one’s own community.

Atlast, after great disturbance and in a state of hapless situation, I discussed the issue with learned women scholars and Aalimas with extensive Islamic understanding, that as women issues return unaddressed from police stations and court and are equally not addressed in Darul Qaza so, we should constitute a separate Darul Qaza and likewise Muslim Women Personal Law Board was constituted on 2nd February 2015.

Our first Sharai adalat took place on 26th January, 2005 in the premises of Kaisarbagh Baradaari Lajpat Bhawan, where 600 women took part and second Sharai Adalat happened on 5th May, 2005 in Uttar Pradesh Press Club. There was a seminar held on 14th May, 2015 on “Divorce” in light of Quran where Personal Law Board (Jadeed) Tauqeer Raza and Lokayukta and former Justice Haider Abbas Raza along with Chairman Haj Commitee Zahid Raza Rizvi as well as others were present.

The Nikahnaama of Women’s Board was formulated on 16th March, 2008 and since then, it has been continuously addressing cases every Friday even today in the office of Ambar Masjis / Ambar Dharmshaala, where various issues related with husband and wife are addressed.

Why you should not be worried before giving interview


Are you really looking for an expert help, regarding the choicest of reasons not to worry?

If yes, then this post is for you.


We know that the interview is an important, crucial, big and decisive phase in the life of an individual. Yes and the feeling of associated worries are all but natural as no one can deny about it. However, inspite of being surrounded with such things, it is highly recommended to maintain the level of calmness which you started to adopt after giving your Class 10th boards or Class 12th boards.


Co-relate the interview phase with the most challenging times of yours

Yes, as you ask this query to yourself, your inner self will in all probability give you the answer. Believe me, challenges come and go, and so is the failure but what’s important is to build on the mistakes and don’t let failure sink in. Or else, you are going to create a death knell for yourself, without even realizing the kind of sufferings or damages you are inflicting to yourself.

Relate the time of interview which you are going to give with something more challenging than what you have either faced especially with coping up of your mathematics exams or learning long answers for your history exam. When you can successfully pass those times of your life in style, then you can very well be able to give an interview (which is comparably easy)

Your confidence is going to get a boost, if you have fluent English

Remember, that if you own a quality and awesome English, then there is something to cheer about. Yes, believe me, not many in these times have great English like you. So, in all probability, that would act as a stepping stone for increasing greater chance to success where you won’t even realize the kind of awesomeness you are going to experience for yourself,

If you are a great orator, then it is a plus point

If you are a friendly person with great quality English, then mark my words, you have nothing to worry. Yes, as an interviewer myself, I have seen candidates who seem to answer queries very confidently, where they equally have smile on their faces and it is these traits, which matters towards enhancing their personality, like never before.


Yes, after all, it is just that the first “action” of any new thing which occurs to us, and is surrounded with loads of chaos and concern, but sooner that challenging phase passes, then it “literally” becomes normal much to our happiness.


What I need to learn from the above post


Likewise, the interview also holds that crucial phase and time in the person’s life which has to be created and woven with calmness of mind and the smartness of brain. Failure to which, we will only be subjected to unnecessary tensions, worries and loads of concerns where we are going to tax our mind, without realizing the kind of psychological effect it will do, towards harming us personally.

It is these sorts of phases where some of us experience damage to our personality beyond repair and the reflection of being sad or being introvert continue to cast its shadow throughout our lives.


However, all of that is going to be a history.

You just need to ask yourself,

“Why I don’t need to be worried now?”


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