How to turn your Windows 10 PC into a kiosk


Windows 10 speaks about how technological advancement can actually lead us to. Isn’t it? Yes, considering the list of awesome features, it isn’t hard for techies like us, who have been closely looking at the market developments for almost a decade to present the researched post on how to turn your windows 10 pc into a kiosk.


Features associated with Windows 10

We know Windows 10 because it is an awesome operating system which is known for being powered with apps, cortana integration, and most importantly, like the pace with which we see the upgrade of any other product. There has been way more frequent and continual upgrades. Yes, so in short, you get new and interesting features, thanks to windows 10 assigned access.

Now, having said that, we also know that the main and basic objective of coming up with the post regarding Windows 10 is that it works on different devices. Yes, that’s part of this functionality and usability which makes it operational on not just laptops, desktops and smartphones but also on IOT products along with gaming consoles. So, there is quite an awesome wide area of field, where you can thank yourself for being the owner of Windows 10, where if you possess these desired products for yourself, then easy, and systematic phase can be best termed for your life, with windows 10 kiosk mode internet explorer.

Likewise, those apps which are considered and recognized by the Universal Windows Platform are conveniently termed to be “universal apps” and are the most obvious highlights of Windows 10.

I mean , look at the mind-blowing user experience which one can actually experience for himself when it comes to using different devices and what to talk about awesome features regarding windows 10 home kiosk mode. Here, I can best mention about its real-time notifications


Occasions when you have to share your computer with others

  1. Considering the housing of so many universal apps, ok if I may ask you, that there will be occasions (during the time when you have to share your PC with another one who may have to as part of professional commitments want to work on your specific universal app) when you only want one of them to run on Windows 10 PC.
  1. Second scenario is that when your kid is demanding you to take her out. But you are so tired, that you are finding it difficult to make up for the time. So, as a substitute and to save yourself from going out, you devised a smart way for diverting the attention of your kid. Yes, you gave your computer to let your kid play that wonderful game from Windows store, where you really don’t want her to accidentally go into documents and harm the files or do such thing.
  2. Or your relatives are coming and you very well know that they may demand you to kindly allow them to work on it, for sometime. You can’t refuse them as this isn’t in your nature, nor you can flatly refuse someone who is your guest and what will he take back from your house? Bitter memories, well obviously you don’t want that to happen. So, you have to give him.

It is these situations and occasions that the Kiosk Mode feature in Windows 10, comes to be handy. Yes, the other name for it is ‘Assigned Access’ which as per its nature of work is quite appropriate as well. Yes, you are only be able to use one application on your Windows 10 PC. So, the configuration app which is associated with windows 10 Kiosk Mode edge can’t be exited and likewise, there is another piece of information which I would love to give to you that it equally runs full-screen as well.

Prevalent mistake which I have experienced others making and you should avoid

Well, while exiting Kiosk Mode, most of the users whom I met, make a mistake of not logging out with their user account. Well, this is something you have to do. Similarly, Kiosk Mode functions with Windows store apps and if you are looking for it to work for traditional desktop applications, then I am afraid, that none of such thing is actually going to happen here with this.

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Process of configuring Kiosk Mode in Windows 10

Go to settings, then accounts and family and other users and look at the right, you will see the set up assigned access option, click on it. You can get it through windows 10 assigned access internet explorer or through others as well.

Next screen will give you option of designated user account to be set up with Kiosk mode. Choose the specific and exact Universal app, you want (here I want to say, that in such a phase, it is presumed that you have already installed in PC), then as Kiosk is activated, then it is going to run. As the whole process is done, restart your PC to finally experience the change in process which I am talking about.

Now, this is how you have successfully configured Kiosk Mode in Windows 10. Yes, only the specifically chosen or I should use the word for which the account is configured; only that will run in full-screen. Yes, that’s an important thing to remind you again.

Now, if you are looking to exit the Kiosk Mode, it is so easy, press Ctrl+Alt+Del


(Updated) Why bloggers equally love Mondays

Sunday happens to be the best day for friends and families to have a get together. Since, weekend is such a beautiful thing. Isn’t it? However, getting a bit pissed off, after realizing about the next day (Monday) isn’t justifiable in any way. I usually party with my friends on weekends and in the middle of enjoyment, I heard one of my friends venting his depression on the next day being a working day.

Although, this is an acceptable fact that we will not be able to have a get together for the rest of the week since every one is already engrossed in daily work, but specifically my friend doesn’t like his boring 9 to 5 job. There is a saying “Love what you do” and “Do what you love” and it should be held practically as well. Most of us are quite bored in doing our monotonous jobs that we don’t do them with interest any more. It is only that we try to accomplish the tasks just for the sake for it.

However, as a blogger myself, it’s not the case. Blogging for me doesn’t happen by chance. I made it my full-fledged profession due to its creativity and the scope of growth which can simply give feathers to any body. I love each and every single second of my work and I can say that the remark of my friend really disheartened me since his depression was a clear proof of the fact that he doesn’t enjoy the work any more.
Monday doesn’t scare me

While enjoying the party with them on Sunday, I never ever felt the need to feel sad at the thought of Monday. Since, I am rather upbeat that after enjoying so much with some of the most beautiful and special people on earth, I am again going to be back with doing the things which I love. I wait for the day with excitement since it gives me further chance to enhance my creativity.
Do what you love

It’s high time that as individuals, we should do what we really like. Since, opportunities galore for the person who have skills and talent and he equally believes in himself. I know that my skills can give me the right atmosphere to work like the way I want and that’s exactly happened as well.
Blogging can help you go miles ahead

The world of blogging offers far greater opportunities to you as it can help an individual reach further ladders of success in comparably far less time. This is a profession where there is absolutely no stopping for you. Above all, if you passionately love your work, then you can potentially go miles ahead. After all, this is the beauty of this wonderful profession which has come up with a bang and has been giving lots of pleasant surprises since then. I can say confidently that as I look back at my earlier days, I happen to feel blessed and proud of myself for making the right decision at the right time. After all, as bloggers Monday doesn’t give any reason to feel jittery.

So start loving Monday and feel happy to the core

Practical ways of removing depression quickly without consulting anyone – 4 tips

  • Have we ever thought about why we are surrounded with negative thoughts?


  • What makes us depressed?

Well, it is important to know the root cause of depression firstly, so that we can work on removing it.
Well, depression is the result of rising expectations

Yes, considering the highly ambitious world we are living in, we wish to scale mountains over a short period of time, but if we practically think, then it may not be feasible. In short, we want to achieve big quickly, which becomes the basis for us to feel unhappy, because we couldn’t get the desired results. Yes, when our expectations can’t be fulfilled, then we are depressed. It is this fact which has created a huge battle with the conscience of people across the world who need to truly check about their capabilities first and shouldn’t set unpractical goals for themselves which may look “too good” to be achieved.

Depression is due to the result of imitating or copying others

Have we ever thought that these days, the level of competition has given way for “jealousy”? Yes, competition is healthy, but jealousy creates a negative vibe which destroys our inner conscience and makes us follow. Yes, the negative thoughts only demoralize us and due to the same, even our capabilities and efforts go waste as we couldn’t build on our hard work positively.

Depressing is due to backbiting


Have we ever realized that how we spend a big part of our free time, by talking ill about others behind their back? Yes, we do and such an exercise only creates a more negative perception in our mind. While the person to whom we are talking, isn’t affected in any manner, but we do. Not only we waste time, energy, (which we could have easily used on a healthy, fruitful, productive and happy manner), but we are so foolish to waste it.

Besides killing time, we also create such a negative vibe in ourselves, which further push us to wrong doings. Yes, we have to realize, that for a person to be successful, what’s really important is to have to a thorough, systematic, and healthy brain which he can better utilize towards productive work. Yes, as the saying goes, that a “healthy mind lives in a healthy body”, so we need to be healthy for our mind to work with optimum.

Depression is the result of not maintaining life in order

Do we know that not having a life in order and not having an aim in life, is the result of how “unsystematic” our lives actually become as we don’t know how to lead it in the best possible manner. Yes, that also means, not doing any constructive work and shamelessly passing time either by bunking classes or wasting the productive time sleeping.
This also implies not setting goals as to what we are going to do, after say, 2 years from now, how can we project ourselves and so on.

In short, chalking realistic goals and working on them is the most crucial thing, which we need to do anyhow, failure to which, our life will be full of turmoil and it is no wonder, that we will be getting depressive thoughts which if unchecked will even result in generating suicidal tendencies as well

How Social Media gives the citizens a proud moment on Independence Day

As India celebrated its 70th  Independence Day, we have actually covered a long journey since its birth. Although, the journey has never been smooth for long with little potholes on the way, yet as Indians we still feel proud of being a part of such a beautiful country. Isn’t it?

Aren’t our emotions charged the moment we sing National Anthem and how can we miss unfurling the flag even today. Isn’t it?

The kind of craziness amongst our tiny tots is equally perspective of the fact that they have something to cheer and feel proud of this day. Although, they are too young to think about its significance but seeing them holding flags is enough towards making us feel even prouder of our future. Isn’t it?

People of every age and especially youngsters are quite vocal about raising their points as they say to what they feel appropriate. On 15th August, this article is all about how citizens of our country have got social media as the perfect medium to showcase their point of view by equally necessitating the government functionary to work in a transparent way. Hence, this is what as citizens we actually feel proud of as well.

The role of media has been immense as it has been instrumental towards playing a key role in gauging a sense of where the country is heading. The youngsters of a country play an immense role in molding its future and the social media platform has given a great platform for them to be a part of this functioning. Who could have thought the agitation where respected Anna Hazare played a key role in Jantar Mantar will turn out to be such a massive hit? As lakhs of people aired their grievances and vented their anger against the government and promised to support the agitation by making comments on social media sites such as Facebook and twitter. Isn’t it?

Social media is proving to be great ammunition for the citizens where they can discuss with the changing conditions of the country amongst their brethren. Now, the baseless and meaningless comments uttered by some of the politicians like one can get a proper diet in Rs 12 can have a devastating effect to the future of that party as these things which will be properly scrutinized and monitored by the people who are out there to showcase their anger. So what if you live in Kashmir or Kanyakumari, we are all one and that’s exactly what social media has turned out to be a uniting force for every one.

Greater is the platform, the biggest reach it equally ensures. Now, gone are the days when the politicians can get away with the comments. The platform of social media has given the citizens of the country a strong hold about its matters and it equally has the potential of toppling the regime for sure. After all, when we have the right to vote, can’t we participate in the day to-day affairs of our country?

Hats Off to Social Media, the country is going to see a reformation in the coming days where the government is going to work with transparency and any wrong move will surely cost the politicians their coveted seats as well. So, as Indians, we should really feel proud of the fact that social media has united us in the hour when the nation has needed our participation and we have rightly realized our duty which is going to take our country to a corrupt free country in the days to come. We all hope and wish for the same as well. Now the impact of Social Media cannot be controlled in any way. After all, when there is a talk of masses, then it surely has the potential of creating revolution of sorts. Isn’t it?
There could not have been a better day than this to showcase the biggest strength which the people of the country have got in the form of social media. Now, they can surely feel a part of the country by making their opinion on the matters. Isn’t it something to really feel proud of on such an important and auspicious day which has proved to be a new dawn 66 years back?

Jai Hind.





Top 5 Indian Politicians on Social Media

Social Media is registering its effective presence in almost all the sectors and how can politicians be far behind either. Although, of late this has been the same platform which became the witness to various criticisms on political fraternity, yet it did not deter politicians from engaging with the masses. The periodical elections (both in the (centre and state) further necessitates the politicians to be net savvy in order to cement their grounds.

Top 5 Indian Politicians on Social Media

Manmohan Singh

manmohan singh

When there is an inclusion of such famous dignitaries, how can we overlook Nation’s Ex- Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh? Although, criticized due to the policies and keeping “mum” on most of the important concerns of the country, he is being followed by people on Twitter along with Facebook. He finds a great way to connect with the audience on the issues which are happening of late along with arming users about the official events as well.


Narendra Modi

Gujarat Chief Minister

India’s current prime minister Narendra Modi has been quite an active politician who has certainly carved a niche for himself. His passion of using social media sites can be gauged from the fact that he is using YouTube channel since 2007, along with Twitter and Facebook where he has possibly the highest number of followers. He added another feather to his cap when he became the first politician from India to use Google+ Hangouts in order to establish communications with people.


Sushma Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj is another Political entity from B.J.P whose exemplary prominence in Social Media is noteworthy. She has a charisma of her own and her words denote the farsightedness of the leader who has a great vision for the country. Her increasing follower’s base is the proof of her popularity and she leaves no stone unturned towards asserting her views on the subjects which matters the nation.

Mamta Banerjee

mamta banerjee

Mamta Banerjeem, chief minister of West Bengal also uses the platform towards interacting as well as conveying her message. Her passion of posting on Facebook and learning about the responses is not hidden from any one as well. She has certainly grabbed eye balls due to her reaction. What infuriated her was some one made cartoons of her on social media exposing her to increasingly endless group of people.


Shashi Tharoor

shashi tharoor

Ex. Minsiter from CongressMr. Shashi Tharoor is playing an active role on social media. He is known for his regular tweets and has garnered enough popularity on such a renowned platform. He is known for remarking controversial statements which makes the headlines due to the “eye balls” it receives. His increasing numbers of Twitter followers is the live proof that he is looking towards making a firm base as well. Isn’t it?


Politicians owing to their charisma and popularity get coverage a lot faster. One indeed hopes that their periodical and timely interactions will surely progress the nation towards the path of success as well without overlooking the needs and expectations of the citizens. Social Media is giving the luxury for the masses to connect with their leaders as it has indeed brought a revolution which could not have happened without such an enriching platform. Isn’t it?