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Refer American news channel to initiate a debate



  • Watch News on American news channels like CNN.


  • Minutely observe their accent and how they pronounce their words.


  • Watch till the time you get a sufficient sense of the topic to debate. Now, you can create a team “for” and “against” the topic.


Now, with whom we can start a debate with?

With friends ofcourse.






Let’s read for more.



  • Is it becoming hard for you to understand the concepts in English?


  • Do you want to improve your English so that your issues can become clear?


  • Are you facing the problem due to lack of time to improve your English?


If yes is the answer then you don’t have to worry


I will help you to improve your English in your free time. Yes, I am only telling you the tested ways to improve.


Yes, these measures have helped me and I am sure that it will help you also.


How I improved my English and how can you too



Most of us for some time in a day, hang out with friends and what we call as our “free time”. Now, your smartness lies in the fact where you have to make use of this time and do something constructive. Yes most of us have been passing time either by giggling or making fun etc.


However, from now on, be serious and based on your requirement of improving English, you have to prepare yourself mentally where you should say to yourself, that look “I have to speak with my friends in English”.  We should be mentally prepared. For example, when you are sitting with your group, take initiative of speaking.

I know moving out of your comfort zone is challenging at first, but you have to make efforts somehow.  You have to move out of your comfort zone. Anyhow this is very important because when you fight with adverse circumstances, then it actually prepares you extensively.


Some of your friends may try to be “bossy” and give you reasons to put you in embarrassment by saying things like,


  • Why do you want to show yourself?



  • Leave us alone, or something like that.


However, if your friends are understanding and cooperative, then it will be a plus point for you but don’t feel sad if they start making fun of you.
As I said before, bitter the surroundings turn out to be for you, better it will be for you to create a platform for yourself.


You will become a motivating force for your friends


Make sure, when you talk, be confident and you will not even realize the kind of impact the practice will actually going to give you.  As you continue talking, I am sure some of your friends may come back to you after seeing the kind of constant improvement in yourself.  Yes, I mean your efforts and your motivational level will force them to give response to you in English.


You need to realize that everybody makes mistakes. I have made mistakes and you are making mistakes also but your smartness lies when you start working on your mistakes where you don’t repeat them in future. It has helped me and I am sure it will help you.



Most importantly, in order to polish your English speaking skills, you don’t have to take out time from your busy schedule. It is just that you are utilizing your free time in something beneficial. Now as you follow this method for few days you will only be left with those friends who think in line with your ideology. Don’t feel sad for those friends who may not like to join you in your free time but think positively because you have got close friends who think like the way you do.  Isn’t it?

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Can we ever deny or overlook the importance of posting on regular basis? We won’t for sure as all of us feel the same way.

Now, I want to post second question which can directly strikes the chord of heart.

Have you ever come across any story (which the bloggers have written) in any of the blog posts which you have read? You would have read for sure as they are a source of interest and aspiration. Isn’t it?

We want to read such stories often as they directly have an immediate effect in our lives.  So, a blog post where the bloggers have resorted to story telling is way more pleasant and charismatic than the ordinary posts which aren’t able to hold the interests of others for a long time.

As you go through the following post, you will know some of the best ways which authenticates the importance of story telling.

We want to hear experiences of others

Stories indicative of the fact, that they are the personal experiences of an individual. Therefore, it creates far reaching effect in the minds of visitors. Mainly because of the fact, that others equally want to become like you. It can only happen if you tell them about your journey and the mistakes which you have encountered over the process. What better way to get familiar with the same than by getting to know the experiences. Isn’t it?

It is a human psychology that we get swayed by such stories as they help us to overcome the testing times so that we don’t commit them in our lives. For the same reason our elders emphasize us to sit with elderly people. Since, as we pass time in their company we infact get to know about their experiences which help us to lead a life in a matured and sensible manner. Same happens with blogging as well.

Every one can easily get inspired as stories are easy to remember

We have a tendency to remember stories since they inspire us to change our lives for the better. All of us want to know the experiences of other people so that we can become a better and polished person. Therefore, the moment you narrate your stories to others by way of your posts, they at once want to read the real life incidents of your life.

Since, not every one of us are comfortable in sharing such incidents, but I believe you don’t do any wrong if it can help others in changing their lives for the better while at the same time you are able to get much needed visitors’ base as well. Isn’t it?

Final words

Finally, this will give you a lot of exposure amongst others. This will equally become a way of boosting your morale, talent and skills. A blogger can be regarded as a public figure who should narrate the things which others (visitors) want to listen and telling stories is simply an awesome way to get more visitors. Isn’t it? Hence, you should involve this strategy in order to feel blessed later on.

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Privacy Policy

Ever wondered what is the backbone of a blog? Well, it has to be the content which is considered as the most lively, energetic, spicy and happening part of a blog. So much so, that the blog ceases to hold its operations without an engaging and researched content.

Yes, considering the same scenario, the onus is upon us to create a favorable scenario for our audience to benefit through the content, by helping them in quenching their thirst, or in other words, addressing their queries, concerns, thought process and also feeding them with the most updated and live news, once and forever.

Yes, that is actually the craze of a well written, formatted and formulated and knitted sentences which are indeed the best bet when it comes to create a spark in the eyes of audience, to give them the due information, which they want from you.
Now, CONSIDERING THIS IMPORTANT ASPECT, there is also an important mechanism to continuously create such a momentous and awesome fact which continue to strengthen the bond between the readers and the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS of the blog.

Now, as per the preview of the extent of importance CONTENT holds and how its viable importance can’t be  ruled out, now let’s take a look at the required steps which we have taken for protecting the very BASIC CONTENT away from prying eyes of people or those with heinous intentions. Yes, this is actually done, as a part of great mechanism for ensuring a regular and maintained as well as continuous overflow of exchange of healthy information as well as cementing the bond further.

Now, comes the actual Privacy Policy where we have ZERO INTOLERANCE for those who are WRONG DOERS. Yes, we have been a deterrant for such people who may have intentions which cause something wrong or in other clear and specific words, want to steal the content Yes, we have made it very tough, almost close to IMPOSSIBLE for them to do anything where they would steal the content. 

Hence, as a part of creating a greater and more friendly atmosphere, the offenders are liable to be prosecuted.

Yes, we WANT TO MAKE IT LOUD AND CLEAR FOR SUCH OFFENDERS that they may have to face some serious and strict consequences which may land up in serious trouble. Hence, in order to avoid such scenarios, it is important to respect the law of land not just for their own betterment, but also for people who may have some evil intentions and are looking to create some crimes.

We have made it ample clear that rules are rules and that everyone has to follow them, irrespective of their power. WE ALSO WANT TO MAKE IT VERY SPECIFICIALLY CLEAR, that we won’t be moved or swayed by people showcasing their power or influence. Yes, we regard everyone to be equal and that’s our biggest asset for working on an old age “ALL FOR EQUALITY”.

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We may have the misconception that English is quite difficult to grasp and understand. However, it isn’t like that. English is actually easy and fun if we know the systematic ways to polish it,  otherwise we may be experiencing the kind of burden and anxiety which we have been normally experiencing since years in our quest to polish English further.

We may have the perception that nothing is impossible in this world but why we start having negative perception whenever it comes to becoming a fluent speaker in English.

Aren’t we ourselves to be blamed for it? Yes because we may have grown up with the idea that anything which is done with hard work can be achieved over a period of time. But because we don’t work in a systematic manner as a result we are not able to achieve the desired results especially in our requirement to become polished English teacher.

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Now let’s take a look at the easiest of ways to follow for polishing English

Empower yourself with tenses

Do you know that tenses are similar to the pillars of the building? Yes, they give much needed support and protection to the structure, failure to which the structure will collapse like pack of cards anytime. So, in your quest of learning English right from the start, you have to empower yourself with tenses. As no way will a person be able to is speak grammatically correct English, without the knowledge of tenses.

No matter whatever sentence you make, it has to do with tenses.


There can’t be any sentence which can be constructed without following on the patterns of tenses


For example, let’s take a look at what I am telling in the following manner:-


Last night, I had a dream that I have won a lottery (Past Indefinite)

I will be going to Jeddah for one month next year (Future Continuous)

People may hate me, but they can’t ignore me (Present Indefinite)

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In the following manner, whatever sentence you make, has to do with tenses.


So, don’t you think that you should start learning the tenses first?


Not many people will be telling you about the benefits of learning tenses.  It may maybe due to following reasons:-


  • You are taking guidance from a tutor who may be more concerned about earning money from you


  • The coaching centre don’t want to take pain of teaching the basics, rather they superficially want you to polish English. They will give scant regard whether you have mastered it or not.

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Most of the times, it turns out to be an unfortunate act that the very same tutor on whom we have full belief, becomes the perfect means of misleading us and due to the fact that we have already invested time and money in him, we have no choice but to follow every single thing which he wants us to.


However, after you have gone through the post, atleast make sure to ask him to teach tenses from now on


However, let me put this fact straight and clear to you, that learning English is actually no big deal. You just ought to have confidence and knowledge of tenses and I can bet that your subsequent journey will be full of peace and tranquility as well. So, attain that piece of awesomeness and feel happy to be in the company of bubbly people who are enjoying life to the fullest too.


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Yes, no sooner that you shoot an email, than you expect a mail from us which may take atleast one working day. We may apologize on those scenarios where we inevitably might be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. But that is only the rarest of the rare scenarios and it usually doesn’t happy on normal circumstances.



We know how important it is for any organization to recruit the right skilled individuals as their proper selection simply makes the positive difference. Likewise, we have also shortly displayed the vacancies with us and we expect fast response. Since, we are finding it quite difficult to regularly meet the deadlines with minimal man power. As a result, we have taken the decision to recruit in-house writers (not freelancers). Yes, that’s important. If we are looking for a regular job which helps you to earn accolades for your hard-work, then WE offer the most awesome, and priceless job opportunity which will simply give a new meaning to your life. Yes, we don’t boast about it, but reality is that, we have changed the lives of so many people and you are certainly no exception as well. So, if you are the one who wants to change your destiny for a more secured and challenging life where you get loads of learning opportunities, then you are at the right place. Without further adieu, you can ensure a life-time of happiness, like never before. So, don’t wait any further and live such a pleasant life like never before.



We like to issue an advisory that proper and minute introspection is laid down while writing down the content of pages. However, in few exceptional cases, we may not be well take onus or burden of the contents which you find on pages of the website. This is because, we hire many writers as well as contributors and everyone has their own set of opinion and we may not be responsible for each one of them. We may apologize on exceptional ground, if we feel that something is really amiss, and that we have to eventually take responsibility. But that may not be the case always.


Privacy Policy

Policies are meant to be followed and that we eventually have created certain policies after loads of deliberations, strategies and mutual consent.

These set of policies are for everybody and all of you are entitled to follow them as well, failure to which there will be certain norms and punishments, (stringent may be). Since, we want to strictly enforce them, so there won’t be any “ifs and buts” along the way. So, you need to properly follow those procedural norms along the way.

We value your time, love and association with us. We equally want you to further shower your blessings on us so that we can taste success along the way in a massive manner. However, along the way, we want you to be very cautious while publishing the content of this website, somewhere else. You need to take our prior permission in the start, before doing so, or else we may act very tough or strict with you.

We have laid down certain guidelines as clear as anyone can clearly and emphatically understands with no technical knowledge required or needed.

In the event when we find out, that our content (a part of whole of it) has been published anywhere else, then we take it as a breach of trust and we the stringent of punishment awaits you on the way, in such circumstances.

We have a “zero policy” for such people as we regard them equal to offenders and we will act with them in a very strict manner.

Yes, the reason, why we act this way is to teach offenders a lesson of not to interfere with the policies or else there is going to be serious repercussions.




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There is great news for you that you can actually start polishing your English easily.

Most of us have taken too much of pressure and responsibilities on our shoulders regarding English, that it starts to take its toll on ourselves. Little do we realize that if we take it easy, then we can ensure better prospects for ourselves. So, let’s take a look at the ways by which we can improve our English further:-


You can’t improve English without increasing your vocabulary


Have you ever felt loss of words while speaking and that created a strong sense of embarrassment for you?

If in case you had, then gear up, improving your English has the direct relation with learning one new word daily.

After learning make at least few sentences out of it, to know how it is used. If you don’t know how you need to fit in the sentences, then your job isn’t done.


You can’t polish English without knowing tenses


Most of us overlook the aspect of tenses even though they act as the solid base. But, we give a damn and that’s where no matter how much we put efforts to improve by practicing verbal English, we don’t get desired results.

You can’t polish without making the first move


Do you know that your gang of friends gives you the biggest reason to understand the extent of adverse situation?

Yes, because they mock at you while you initiate to talk them, thus leaving you in embarrassment. However, on a brighter side, you gain confidence to overcome even the toughest of situations, if you don’t give-in to the pressure

You can’t polish English without believing yourself


As an experienced English teacher of 10 years, I have seen that by and large people are so confused with themselves that they actually can’t rate themselves from a scale of 1 – 10 with regards to the progress they have made over a period of time. Yes, loving yourself and having a belief in you is such an important mechanism which gives you confidence.

You can’t polish English without making eye contact


While practicing English or for that matter even talking to people in any language, courtesy says that you have to make eye contact while speaking. Yes, that not just make the conversation beautiful and friendly, but it equally gives you confidence to speak. Now, on the same lines, you have to ensure the same while you talk. Likewise, you need to have a mirror in front of you and talk to yourself by looking at the eyes. This actually gives you boost and a pleasant mechanism that you are actually talking to someone else.


Mistake we do


What many of us fail to realize that “knowing English” and “speaking in a gathering” are two different things? Where speaking in a get-together has more to do with your personality development and practice. On the same lines, it takes a lot of courage to speak in your local language amidst the group. So, develop your personality by making in eye-contact with people you chat

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Are you really looking for an expert help, regarding the choicest of reasons not to worry?

If yes, then this post is for you.


We know that the interview is an important, crucial, big and decisive phase in the life of an individual. Yes and the feeling of associated worries are all but natural as no one can deny about it. However, inspite of being surrounded with such things, it is highly recommended to maintain the level of calmness which you started to adopt after giving your Class 10th boards or Class 12th boards.


Co-relate the interview phase with the most challenging times of yours

Yes, as you ask this query to yourself, your inner self will in all probability give you the answer. Believe me, challenges come and go, and so is the failure but what’s important is to build on the mistakes and don’t let failure sink in. Or else, you are going to create a death knell for yourself, without even realizing the kind of sufferings or damages you are inflicting to yourself.

Relate the time of interview which you are going to give with something more challenging than what you have either faced especially with coping up of your mathematics exams or learning long answers for your history exam. When you can successfully pass those times of your life in style, then you can very well be able to give an interview (which is comparably easy)

Your confidence is going to get a boost, if you have fluent English

Remember, that if you own a quality and awesome English, then there is something to cheer about. Yes, believe me, not many in these times have great English like you. So, in all probability, that would act as a stepping stone for increasing greater chance to success where you won’t even realize the kind of awesomeness you are going to experience for yourself,

If you are a great orator, then it is a plus point

If you are a friendly person with great quality English, then mark my words, you have nothing to worry. Yes, as an interviewer myself, I have seen candidates who seem to answer queries very confidently, where they equally have smile on their faces and it is these traits, which matters towards enhancing their personality, like never before.


Yes, after all, it is just that the first “action” of any new thing which occurs to us, and is surrounded with loads of chaos and concern, but sooner that challenging phase passes, then it “literally” becomes normal much to our happiness.


What I need to learn from the above post


Likewise, the interview also holds that crucial phase and time in the person’s life which has to be created and woven with calmness of mind and the smartness of brain. Failure to which, we will only be subjected to unnecessary tensions, worries and loads of concerns where we are going to tax our mind, without realizing the kind of psychological effect it will do, towards harming us personally.

It is these sorts of phases where some of us experience damage to our personality beyond repair and the reflection of being sad or being introvert continue to cast its shadow throughout our lives.


However, all of that is going to be a history.

You just need to ask yourself,

“Why I don’t need to be worried now?”


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Ranjesh works on the dignity of rag pickers as they are looked down by the society.

To provide health related equipments in the form of gloves, aprons, thorn, mask to 100 rag pickers of the slums.

Along with that to work on the garbage management process and to widen their thought process.

100 people have got their identity cards namely Aadhar Card.

Yuve Dastak Group did advocacy with corporator and tried to include the slum with Nagar Nigam in order to avail different available Government facilities and also make efforts to include other slums.

To link 60 students with the primary government schools

To link 100 people with all the available government facilities both in the state as well as central level. Like opening of Bank accounts under Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojna.



Progress so far

30 rag pickers have got health related equipments so far.

40 rag pickers have got Aadhar cards uptill now

Through the efforts, the rag picker group got into networking mode with a government agency which is paying 30 rag pickers 9,000/- for 18 months after doing advocacy with LDA

Installed 2 seater toilet facility with the help of Vigyan Foundation in the slum and 500 litre tank installed  in the society to furnish water for the slum people.

Yuve Dastak Group has included the slum in Nagar Nigam

30 students of Gyan Kendra  (out of 50 students) are admitted to Government school  and they can compete with other students, since they are capable themselves.

The member of Yuva Dastak Samooh namely Hashim, who has come from Assam an year before, didn’t know anything apart from rag picking as well as his regional language. However, now he is well versed with computer, knows how to read ,write  and speak in English  as well.





  • Ranjesh is a highly motivated individual who has 4 years of experience while working as a rag picker. He has great command in the issues and has great liasonining in the concerned government departments as well as communities which is a noteworthy fact.
  • Ranjesh is undoubtedly a hardworking youth but his exposure and communication is limited. Hence, this extra-grant support will somewhere help his work immensely.
  • Ranjesh is a highly hardworking person and he is quite sharp when it comes to linking and establishing network with government department.
  • Ranjesh through his organization, “Lakshya – EK Behtar Samaaj” is making the voice of rag pickers held by attaching them with his organization
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If you are looking for an awesome way of living a life with dignity and respect, then hold tight.

Yes, the following post will throw open various ways and avenues of how you can actually create a wonderful option for yourself.

Do you know what is the most uncertain thing in today’s scenario? Well, “Life” itself. Although,  it is a bitter truth, yet it is the reality of life. You never know what the time has in store for you next. We have been grown up with the shocking news of so many millionaires whose business fallout jeopardized their financial life. We would have even seen some of these cases happening with our own near and dear ones.

Therefore, no body can be certain about his/her own financial life. So what, if there is a natural catastrophe like flood, storm or earth quake and your business crumbled like pack of cards  or even man made actions damaged your business? Similarly, you never know when you ended up with a deadly accident and there is a financial instability in your ever growing company which shockingly resulted in death knell of your company with your demise.

My own idea of writing the post is not to scare you but to give a sense of warning so that you bravely face some of the bitterest realities of life in a fool proof manner.

You should be smart enough in gearing up for those emergency situations. There can’t be a better way to prepare for such sort of situations than by creating an emergency fund.

Hence, now I am going to tell you 4 ways to start your emergency fund

Emergency fund can only be created if you are smart enough in taking out a space for saving from the (already) tight monthly budget

Don’t compromise over you “saving” process

We are living a life of hallucination since we feel that it will be next to possible for us to save money with the limited budget which we already have. However, if you are really serious, then you will at least take a look at the broad picture. After all, we can’t start with saving, unless and until we are really serious. Take little steps at a time and all will be fine for sure as it is one of the important ways to start your emergency fund.

Write down on your diary (which you normally use, or pin it down on the cupboard) etc that you have to take out “x’ amount of money on monthly basis as a part of savings. One of the easiest ways to save is to limit your weekend party to once in a fortnight, or even better if you do it one in a month as it will help you save.

Ask yourself

The best answer you will get in your quest of saving money is by asking yourself

  • What will I do, if I happen to loose my job?
  • How will my spouse cope up with the sudden illness or how will the future of my children shape without money?

It is these real-life and most important questions which will naturally instill a sense of fear in yourself and you will be able to give a serious look. Since, it is said that self-introspection do wonders and as you feel challenged to get answers from within, you will eventually be forced to start saving for your emergency fund as well.

You can make arrangements of watching movies right in your home or your friend’s home, rather than going for watching movie outside. This will save a lot as a part of individual tickets. Isn’t it? It is important to make conscious decisions and by doing so, you don’t have to fight with yourself in the process as well.

Regularly revise your goals on weekly basis

Another way to start your emergency fund is to start saving by setting small target. So, in the beginning try setting a goal for yourself of saving on weekly basis. Since, the target is small, you will better be able to work on them. It has its psychological effect.

If you are in debt, then the most obvious and prominent excuse which you will give in not having an emergency fund is that you are already paying the money of debt. However, even here you have to make suitable arrangements. In the event when you come across with a financial emergency, then in the absence of cash you will be forced to take loan with high interest which might even lead you to bankruptcy. Therefore, make plans to have an emergency fund which should comprise of at least three months of your salary and you should take steps for setting up the same on priority bases as well. In the process, you should equally make arrangements for paying off your debt too.


The reason why these ways can be termed as “easily attainable” because you can immediately adopt them (in order to take out savings) from your monthly limited budget. Therefore, show the true spirit of being successful by gearing up for such emergency situations and let your near and near ones live a life of ease and comfort. After all, you don’t want them to suffer because of your carelessness. So, ensure a life of prosperity, ease and jubilation by following the above 4 ways to start your emergency fund.

Hopefully, the post will assist you to be more cautious and carefully and take life with a charming prospective and zeal.

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Insurance plays an important role in our lives in terms of giving full fledged peace and satisfaction that we have geared up for any assort of eventuality. You know that by taking home, auto or life insurance you are financially covered and it is this feeling which lets you enjoy to the fullest as well. Isn’t it?

Insurance Awareness Day lets you emphasize the same in a more meaningful and assertive way. June 28th is the day which is celebrated world over in order to create a sense of importance and utility amongst people. After all, we are living in an uncertain life where we never know what will happen next.  Therefore, as the day is approaching, you should really care for yourself and family since the “times” are not the same always.

June 28th especially signifies the heightened importance of possessing one of the important things with which can surely ease yourself financially. Therefore, in the event of any untoward incident, you know that you are fully prepared as it matters a lot too.

There are various misconceptions amongst the people regarding insurance where they associate taking insurance to be a herculean task. However, lack of knowledge sow the seeds for various complications and they end up getting completely different insurance which does not match with their needs and thus they are duped in the process.

In order to streamline the whole process and remove misconception amongst the people, Insurance Awareness Day is celebrated where people are armed with the detailed and right sense of information prior to choosing their insurance package.

Insurance Advisors play an important role towards easing their customers in choosing the most desired and appropriate policy for their customers. There are various things which might not be told by insurance advisors; therefore, you equally need to enquire yourself and do not leave all the things purely on them. For example, prior to taking auto insurance, there are various aspects such as your age, your neighborhood along with your driving record where Insurance depends. The same case lies with the auto-renew policy as well.

Therefore, this is the perfect time where you can know your rights and facilities which the insurance companies are giving by getting in touch with them as they are there to help you out. So that, a mere thought of Insurance does not scare you any more.

Get a fool proof safety to your needs so that you have nothing to worry in the process. Review your policies in order to know whether you need any more insurance policies as well. Since, nothing matters more than having right kind of protection.  There are various schemes which run from time to time as well. for example, some companies give discounts if you pay the premium on annual basis etc. Therefore, be knowledgeable of such schemes in order to get the best form of assistance. As you make the best use of the approaching time, you will indeed be able to update your insurance policies. After all, nothing matters more than being aware for your rights. Isn’t it?

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