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  • Have we ever thought about why we are surrounded with negative thoughts?


  • What makes us depressed?

Well, it is important to know the root cause of depression firstly, so that we can work on removing it.
Well, depression is the result of rising expectations

Yes, considering the highly ambitious world we are living in, we wish to scale mountains over a short period of time, but if we practically think, then it may not be feasible. In short, we want to achieve big quickly, which becomes the basis for us to feel unhappy, because we couldn’t get the desired results. Yes, when our expectations can’t be fulfilled, then we are depressed. It is this fact which has created a huge battle with the conscience of people across the world who need to truly check about their capabilities first and shouldn’t set unpractical goals for themselves which may look “too good” to be achieved.

Depression is due to the result of imitating or copying others

Have we ever thought that these days, the level of competition has given way for “jealousy”? Yes, competition is healthy, but jealousy creates a negative vibe which destroys our inner conscience and makes us follow. Yes, the negative thoughts only demoralize us and due to the same, even our capabilities and efforts go waste as we couldn’t build on our hard work positively.

Depressing is due to backbiting


Have we ever realized that how we spend a big part of our free time, by talking ill about others behind their back? Yes, we do and such an exercise only creates a more negative perception in our mind. While the person to whom we are talking, isn’t affected in any manner, but we do. Not only we waste time, energy, (which we could have easily used on a healthy, fruitful, productive and happy manner), but we are so foolish to waste it.

Besides killing time, we also create such a negative vibe in ourselves, which further push us to wrong doings. Yes, we have to realize, that for a person to be successful, what’s really important is to have to a thorough, systematic, and healthy brain which he can better utilize towards productive work. Yes, as the saying goes, that a “healthy mind lives in a healthy body”, so we need to be healthy for our mind to work with optimum.

Depression is the result of not maintaining life in order

Do we know that not having a life in order and not having an aim in life, is the result of how “unsystematic” our lives actually become as we don’t know how to lead it in the best possible manner. Yes, that also means, not doing any constructive work and shamelessly passing time either by bunking classes or wasting the productive time sleeping.
This also implies not setting goals as to what we are going to do, after say, 2 years from now, how can we project ourselves and so on.

In short, chalking realistic goals and working on them is the most crucial thing, which we need to do anyhow, failure to which, our life will be full of turmoil and it is no wonder, that we will be getting depressive thoughts which if unchecked will even result in generating suicidal tendencies as well

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