Now, as per the preview of the extent of importance CONTENT holds and how its viable importance can’t be  ruled out, now let’s take a look at the required steps which we have taken for protecting the very BASIC CONTENT away from prying eyes of people or those with heinous intentions. Yes, this is actually done, as a part of great mechanism for ensuring a regular and maintained as well as continuous overflow of exchange of healthy information as well as cementing the bond further.

Now, comes the actual Privacy Policy where we have ZERO INTOLERANCE for those who are WRONG DOERS. Yes, we have been a deterrant for such people who may have intentions which cause something wrong or in other clear and specific words, want to steal the content Yes, we have made it very tough, almost close to IMPOSSIBLE for them to do anything where they would steal the content. 

Hence, as a part of creating a greater and more friendly atmosphere, the offenders are liable to be prosecuted.

Yes, we WANT TO MAKE IT LOUD AND CLEAR FOR SUCH OFFENDERS that they may have to face some serious and strict consequences which may land up in serious trouble. Hence, in order to avoid such scenarios, it is important to respect the law of land not just for their own betterment, but also for people who may have some evil intentions and are looking to create some crimes.

We have made it ample clear that rules are rules and that everyone has to follow them, irrespective of their power. WE ALSO WANT TO MAKE IT VERY SPECIFICIALLY CLEAR, that we won’t be moved or swayed by people showcasing their power or influence. Yes, we regard everyone to be equal and that’s our biggest asset for working on an old age “ALL FOR EQUALITY”.