Zero tolerance for unethical services


We like to issue an advisory that proper and minute introspection is laid down while writing down the content of pages. However, in few exceptional cases, we may not be well take onus or burden of the contents which you find on pages of the website. This is because, we hire many writers as well as contributors and everyone has their own set of opinion and we may not be responsible for each one of them. We may apologize on exceptional ground, if we feel that something is really amiss, and that we have to eventually take responsibility. But that may not be the case always.


Zero Tolerance Policy

Policies are meant to be followed and that we eventually have created certain policies after loads of deliberations, strategies and mutual consent.

These set of policies are for everybody and all of you are entitled to follow them as well, failure to which there will be certain norms and punishments, (stringent may be). Since, we want to strictly enforce them, so there won’t be any “ifs and buts” along the way. So, you need to properly follow those procedural norms along the way.

We value your time, love and association with us. We equally want you to further shower your blessings on us so that we can taste success along the way in a massive manner. However, along the way, we want you to be very cautious while publishing the content of this website, somewhere else. You need to take our prior permission in the start, before doing so, or else we may act very tough or strict with you.

We have laid down certain guidelines as clear as anyone can clearly and emphatically understands with no technical knowledge required or needed.

In the event when we find out, that our content (a part of whole of it) has been published anywhere else, then we take it as a breach of trust and we the stringent of punishment awaits you on the way, in such circumstances.

We have a “zero policy” for such people as we regard them equal to offenders and we will act with them in a very strict manner.

Yes, the reason, why we act this way is to teach offenders a lesson of not to interfere with the policies or else there is going to be serious repercussions.